Grow Your Natural Learner

A course for natural learning families unlike anything you've ever seen - NEW: NOW DIY!

Wouldn't it be great to...

  • part of a community of like-minded parents who get what you’re going through and are ready to support you and your choices?  

  • ...truly understand what child-led learning is, and exactly how to plan your own lessons around what your kids are excited to learn about? 

  • ...get expert advice on how to set up a natural learning space right in your own home that will help your child reap the benefits of interacting with nature even when they can't go outside?

  • ...have confidence in teaching things like reading and math to your children without drilling and killing the passion out of them

You know where you want to be, but something is holding you back

“Homeschooling," up until now, has felt like a series of Pinterest Fails.

You really, really don’t want to admit how much time your child has spent in front of a screen this week.

Your family/spouse/friends don’t understand what you’re doing, or why, and are less than supportive.

Your kid’s playroom is like an explosion of Toys R Us and Target combined, and yet your kid isn’t interested in any of it.

“Let your child's interests be your guide” - sounds so easy, but where do you start?

You’re ready to ditch the monotone worksheets and "Letter of the Week," but don’t feel confident enough to make that leap.

You think learning with nature sounds nice, but your child will probably just throw a rock through the drywall.

You feel alone on this journey, with no real direction, or material to guide you.

You know that nature provides all kinds of benefits for kids, but they can't be outside all the time, so how do you bring it inside without making a huge mess?

I've been where you are right now

and so many others I've helped were there too.

But every single one of them started where you are: struggling, unsure, or needing just a little bit more.

Meet Amanda.

"I came upon Leah's program during a late night desperate search for nature-based educational resources.

My son is 4 and I've recently transitioned to being a stay-at-home homeschooling mom. It has been challenging to say the least. Our days were spent at home among a myriad of failed Pinterest attempts.

This left me with little direction, feeling like a teaching failure, and frustrated that my son would never "get it." I was even contemplating sending him to a preschool and scrapping the idea of homeschooling altogether.

Finding Leah's program has been a game changer for me."

After Amanda signed up for Grow Your Natural Learner, she began implementing what she learned:

"We are in the process of changing our entire home to incorporate Leah's teachings. We have set up designated learning spaces, a nature table, a quiet space, significantly culled toys he no longer uses, and started incorporating nature as an intentional part of our life. My husband loves the changes he is witnessing, as well. 

From our decor, to spending more time outside as a family - all of this has resulted in a less chaotic day to day for all of us. Overall, seeing things from my son's level, learning more about his interests and styles, and from his perspective has made me a more patient parent. It gives me hope that we can do this homeschool thing. I feel like I now have the tools and resources to give him as much or as little structure as he needs. I can pick and choose the pieces we need on a given day, and not feel pressured that I am not "doing it correctly." It's the exact amount of structure that I need as his mother."

"It gives me hope that we can do this homeschool thing."

Over 600 families have taken this course and completely transformed the way they live and learn together.

Parents have gained confidence in their ability to teach their children.

They know how to keep up momentum, and avoid burnout.

They've learned how to share the wonders of the natural world, whether indoors or outdoors.

How to use technology in a smart way, and NOT as a babysitter.

They now have the skills and knowledge they need to understand their child's unique learning style and tailor their experiences.

Back to Amanda...

"The Grow Your Natural Learner program has helped me on such a personal level, with goal setting, and staying accountable to myself. And it has given me confidence more than anything. I have recommended this program to all of my friends, some of whom have been able to join in on this journey, and I am ecstatic I found it when I did."

Wherever you are in your learning journey, Grow Your Natural Learner will meet you there, and help you provide your child with the learning experience they truly deserve.

What is Grow Your Natural Learner?

This one of a kind DIY course will help you...

  • Set goals, make a plan, and gain an understanding of how to follow your child's lead in learning.
  • Create a magical, nature-filled, and exciting learning space - indoors and outdoors - for your child.
  • Turn spending time outdoors into an easy and fun event that your whole family looks forward to every day - yes, even you!

When you sign up today:  

* You will receive an email confirmation and welcome right away, with instant access to all course materials.  

* You will get immediate access to a private support group where you can get acquainted with other members of our community!  

* All eligible bonuses will be delivered to your email separately.  

* You have LIFETIME access to the course and community, so you can work through the material at your own pace, and anytime you need a refresher!

So, what does the Grow Your Natural Learner Course cover?

In 10 modules, designed to be worked through a week at a time, you'll learn everything you need to know about providing your child with a truly child-led learning experience! We'll start off with goal-setting to get you on the right foot, work through your physical learning environment, learn in depth about how your unique child learns best, and wrap it up with tips and tricks for keeping up the momentum and moving forward.

Rock Your Goals ALL YEAR

Creating a True Child-Led Learning Experience

 Trust Your Child. Trust Yourself.

Create the Perfect Learning Environment 

Instill a Lifelong Love of Reading and Writing

Explore Math Concepts in a Fun, Natural Way

Build a Creative Art Space That Your Child Will Never Want to Leave

Technology as a Resource, Not a Babysitter

Exploring Your Backyard and Beyond

Keeping the Momentum All Year Long

Plus, these all new features:

  •  Totally DIY course - with ongoing support group for you to work at your own pace
  •  Never before seen content and modules
  •  "Coffee Chats" in our group every month for you to ask me questions live
  •  Surprise Guest Speakers to expand your knowledge and passion 
  •  More secrets I can't share yet! 

Sign up today and you’ll also get access to these exclusive bonuses:

Bonus #1: Homeschooling 101 

This info-packed 10-day ecourse is designed to help answer any and all of the questions you may have about homeschooling - from the legal aspects to choosing a teaching philosophy, transitioning from school to home, setting up a consistent routine, flexibility, socialization, fielding questions from others, curriculum choice, teaching styles, and more!  

(Value: $47)

Bonus #2: Discovering Your Child's Unique Learning Style ebook

Get ahead of the game and learn all about how your child learns best with this quickly digested, eye-opening ebook! Including a quiz and clear description of each learning style, you'll be amazed at how much you'll learn about your unique child! 

(Value: $10)

Bonus #3: Printable Planner

Take the guesswork out of your daily planning and toss aside all the pile of fancy homeschooling planners - this quick and easy printable is all you need to make child-led learning a breeze!

(Value: $10)

Easy Payment Plan Options

* Prices effective until May 9th. Enrollment rates will be going up May 10th, 2018! * 

One Simple Payment of $199

Two Monthly Payments of $102

Three Monthly Payments of $70

This is for you IF...

  • You are excited and ready to dig in and get started with taking charge of your child's learning.
  • You're upset about how much screentime your child gets every day and really want to find more meaningful learning activities for him/her.
  • You have the passion and the ambition.... but you're missing the "how-to" and need someone to guide your way towards planning for learning activities and setting up a great learning space.
  • You want your child to get outside into nature more often, but you aren't sure how to facilitate that.
  • You feel like you run out of ideas for activities for your child constantly.
  • You love the concept of child-led learning, but don't quite see how it can be done easily. ("How can I make actual plans if I need to wait for my child to show an interest in something!? HELP!")
  • You are an in-home daycare/preschool provider and are in need of a major overhaul of how your day to day is running with the kiddos in your care!

"I truly cannot say enough good things about Leah and all of her amazing resources. I have gotten so much out of all of her ecourses that I think the cost to join is worth that alone. 

Because of this program I have been inspired to make a greater commitment to living a life outside, something I have wanted for a long time, but finally have the inspiration I needed to actually do it.

I have referred many people and all of them have been impressed with the great deal they got once they saw the quality and content that Leah offers."

- Mary Grove, Homeschooling Mom

Want to get to know me a little better? We are going to be buddies, after all!

Hi! I’m Leah McDermott!

Being a homeschooled child myself, teaching in inner city public schools, getting two Masters degrees in Reading and Curriculum Writing, and homeschooling my own children have all been motivating factors to finally put this course out there for you and so many others to enjoy! I am so thankful that you are here; and I'm confident that this program will be an amazing way for you and your child to enjoy nature TOGETHER!

Your child deserves to follow their passions and learn from their interests. You deserve to have all of the tools necessary to help them.

Nothing ignites my inner fire like hearing from mothers, fathers, grandparents, and teachers that their children are creating, growing, learning, getting messy, investigating, and exploring the unknown with a fervor! 

More than 600 (and growing) families have taken Grow Your Natural Learner, with incredible life-changing results.

Collectively they’ve seen their children blossom and expand their knowledge in ways they’d never seen before. They’re excited to guide their children and the kids are even more enthusiastic about learning!

It's time for you to join us!

It’s time to make the leap that your child deserves! You’re ready.

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Disclaimer: Due to the unreturnable nature of digital content, there are no refunds or exchanges available for this course.