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Create a Literacy Rich Learning Environment!

This 10-day course is designed to help you nurture a lifelong love of reading and create a meaningfully rich literary environment for your children at home or in a classroom!

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Get ready to make incredible changes to the way you provide literature-rich experiences and environments for your children - in just 10 days!

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Each day of the course will bring you new information and implementation tips that you can incorporate immediately to help you create a literacy-rich learning environment for your child, noticing incredible changes before the end of the 10-day course.

Some of the topics this course will cover:
* How to set up your learning space to naturally incorporate literacy 
* Including literature in provocations and activities
* Materials that can be used to create a literacy-rich environment (many will shock you!)
* Adapting to your child's unique literary needs
* When and how to "teach" reading in a highly effective way
* Meaningful ways to read to your child to build early literacy blocks
* and SO much more!

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Check out these awesome testimonials from past participants:

Monika W. says:

I want to say a big thank you for hosting this ecourse, we are only day 4 and the little changes I have made based on your suggestions have been so beneficial to my daughter. She noticed the little changes straight away and asked to sit and read her books which have kind of been overshadowed by her other toys. We sat and read books for about an hour and a half this morning and that is just unheard of on a Friday, I normally call it crazy Friday as my daughter is so intense and the tiniest little thing will send her into a meltdown but this morning has been so relaxing, it's a nice change so thank you!

Fiona S. says:

The biggest thing I've seen is with my youngest. Just making sure to consciously think about literacy specifically for him and to read specifically TO him, rather than he's just there for part of his brothers book has him bringing me book after book after book through the day! It's amazing because it's like a light has just gone on for him!
So a definite thank you from me!

Stephanie F. says:

Just wanted to share how the literary week has influenced our household, as my 4yo is suddenly SO INTERESTED in reading and words and writing, where we had zero interest in December.
The With just a few little changes (tracking when reading, reading signs/menus/catalogues together, having more "print material" around and using thin pencils instead of stumpy fat crayons) he is right into it! He's finding letters himself and asking what things say and trying to sound out things himself.

Hundreds of people have taken and loved this transformational course! Join today and you can quickly make incredible changes to how your child builds those important early literacy blocks.

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