Nature Hack Your School©

The one-of-a-kind workshop designed to bring your students' learning experiences to a new, more meaningful and NATURAL level!

I know firsthand how much of a challenge it can be to get students outdoors as much as we know they should be. And it's true that nothing can quite replace that important unstructured outdoor play. But when you are working in a classroom environment where children have to spend most of their daily time indoors, why not provide them with as many amazing nature benefits as possible?

With the Nature Hack Your School© virtual or in-person training, you and your staff will be able to "Nature Hack" your classrooms and school in a simple and efficient manner, while bringing the best of nature indoors and providing your students with incredible learning opportunities every single day.


Live In-Person Workshop

If we can arrange it, I will teach the training in person at your school or conference! This is the best way to have a collaborative experience where everyone can share their ideas and thoughts and really grow as a team and community to better the students' experience.
The live in-person workshop is approximately 90 minutes and is interactive, collaborative, and a super exciting time for all! You will also get access to the virtual training for a refresher or new staff members!

Virtual Training

Online access to training that will walk you and your staff through the step by step signature, research-based process of seamlessly integrating nature into your classrooms and school. This training will take approximately 2 hours to complete. It will walk you through the entire system and includes pause breaks to have you take notes and collaborate with team members. You have access to this training for a year, so you can revisit at any time to refresh or update new staff members!

Virtual Live Chat

For those taking the virtual training route, we'll chat live after the training to work through any questions you have and to come up with some good ideas for your school to move forward with your new knowledge. We will hop on a conference call with your staff and I'll answer any concerns or questions you have about your specific school and classrooms. I'll be taking my own notes during this call to help you come up with even more ideas - we'll be brainstorming together for your students' success!


Use of Natural Elements

- The importance of natural light and how to easily increase it in your classrooms.
- The best indoor plants to have with children.
- How to incorporate natural loose parts into the classroom environment.

Importance of Nature Play

- What types of activities to include in your classroom and how your students learn and interact with them.
- Setting up provocations with natural elements based on your students' unique interests.

A Meaningful Space

- Using nature tables to encourage scientific exploration and problem solving skills.
- Meaningful decor and incorporating nature into the classroom to create a natural, organic feel to the environment.

What Benefits Do Children Receive From Having Nature in the Classroom?

* Better concentration, focus, and performance on visual tasks

* Cleaner air and an overall happier environment (for the grown-ups too!)

* Increased social skills and peer interactions, and a higher development of problem solving skills and creativity

About Your Host

Leah McDermott, M.Ed. is a former Master Educator who spent her early career working in inner city public schools, where she realized how little interaction students had with nature on a daily basis. It has since become her mission to help parents and teachers around the world bring more natural elements to their children's everyday learning experiences.

She does this mainly through her nature-inspired Pre-K/K curriculum, A Child's World, and through Nature Hack Your School© and other professional development training programs. 

She has been featured on The Huffington Post and has been speaking and offering live workshops for teachers and schools around the world for the past four years.


The cost to join is just $500 for your staff. This is for either the in-person event or the virtual training, and includes all materials and professional development certificates post-conference.