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We believe that all children are adventurers and explorers at heart. And that it is through this innate sense of curiosity and wonder that real, meaningful learning happens. In A Child's World, children are free to explore the world around them, and you as the parent and teacher get to watch the magic happen. Each theme is designed with child-led learning experiences to get your children interacting with nature and growing in their own unique ways. Come explore.

What's Inside a Theme?

Inside each nature-inspired theme, you'll find everything you need to inspire your child to create, build, investigate, learn and explore the natural world around them. The activities are designed for easy use, so everything you need can typically be found outside, in your kitchen, or with basic art/craft supplies. Very few things require additional prep! Each theme contains the following categories of activities: a Book List with our favorite themed books, a literacy lesson to improve early literacy skills, nature explorations, science experiments, art activities, math connections, sensory play, and a themed recipe (to boost those healthy eating skills!).




Autumn is a beautiful, transitional change of seasons. With the colors changing and the temperatures dropping, it is a truly wonderful time for a child to be able to explore in nature. This theme will investigate and learn about those changes that your children will easily be able to see.



In this theme, your child will learn about identifying types of rocks, animal life that is dependent on rocks for shelter, and will discover the importance of rocks to our natural environment. A rock is something that is so simple, and something that your child is likely to encounter on a daily basis.



This theme offers a variety of activities to help you teach your child about the basic structure of a tree, the differences in varieties of trees, the importance of trees to our world, and how trees grow and change. There is nothing quite as important to our survival and happy life on Earth than the tree.



Young children have a natural wonder and curiosity about what lies in the great unknown!This theme addresses a lot of those questions that your child naturally has. Your child will learn and explore constellations, how the Moon and Earth orbit, about other planets, and what it's like to go into outer space! 



This theme celebrates the wonderful and amazing animals and plants found in the rainforest with fun sensory activities, hands-on science, and creative art. The books recommended are all bright and colorful, doing a fantastic job of helping your child get a visual image of the amazing wildlife that lives in the rainforest.




In the winter, especially if you live in an area where there issnow, ice, and bare trees, children can see for themselves the changes that the earth makes to hibernate in the cold winter months. As with other seasonal themes, nature exploration is very important.



Christmas is a fun-filled time for little ones! Though traditions vary among families, countries, and religions, this theme will hopefully provide you with some festive fun to keep your child in the mood of the season throughout the holiday! Many activities can easily be adjusted to suit other religions/ traditions.



This theme provides experiments, play, exploration and art activities that help your child experience hands-on the changes when a liquid changes to a solid and vice versa. Through these activities your child will be introduced to a broad range of ideas and concepts they will use in later science learning!



In this theme, your child will experience what it's like to be a polar bear in the chilly arctic waters, discover how polar animals stay warm in the cold, compare the many sizes of the arctic animals, and engage in several fun sensory activities with arctic materials. Bring the Arctic to your children with this fun theme!



In this theme, your child will be presented with the concepts of how light beams travel, how light bends and reflects, how rainbows are formed, and what shadows are. They will be able to play with light in a way that almost makes it a tangible experience, creating a sense of wonder and excitement for the natural world around them.




In the spring, there is no shortage of amazing and wonderful things to see and experience in nature! New growth, a rainbow of colors, baby animals, and so much more will naturally excite any little wanderer. Allow your child the chance to see and feel the nature around them.



In this theme your child will conduct fun experiments with real eggs, read wonderful stories about what happens inside an egg, and play around with several fun sensory and art explorations that will give your child the opportunity to see, feel, and learn all about eggs!



In this theme your child will learn about conservation, ways to go green, and about the uniqueness of planet Earth compared to other planets in the solar system. Through a variety of sensory experiences, science investigations, and fun art activities, your child will get to explore their love for the Earth and all that it has to offer us as its inhabitants.



A flower is one of the first things that many children will notice on any kind of nature or neighborhood walk, as they are naturally drawn to the beauty and the color of flowers. This theme celebrates that innate joy and love for the natural beauty that children see in flowers.



Perhaps nothing can affect the nature-loving kid quite like the weather! In this theme your child will explore the weather around them, conduct experiments learning about weather intricacies, learn weather vocabulary, make weather art, and much more!



Between the power of flight, the beauty and colors, and the uniqueness of their songs and personalities, birds have so much to teach and delight children. In this theme your child will explore birds in their area, learn about birds through literature, art, and science, and engage in several fun bird-themed sensory activities. 




In this theme, your child will conduct the majority of their activities and exercises outdoors. Summer is a great time to be outside as much as possible and soak up that vitamin D. As with other seasonal themes, nature exploration is very important.



Our oceans and water supplies are so very important to the health and prosperity of our planet and its creatures. By introducing your young child to the complexities of ocean life, you are instilling an early love of the water and its importance to our planet.



The early years is a wonderful time to introduce color mixing, shades of colors, and the spectrum. In this bright and colorful theme, your child will explore, manipulate, and experience all the colors of the spectrum.



Research is very clear - by planting their own seeds and spending time in nature with plants daily, children are more likely to desire fruits and vegetables and eat a healthy, well-balanced diet. They are also more likely to keep this healthy lifestyle into adulthood! This theme will help you explore these boundaries.



The study of insects makes a fantastic learning experience for young children, as they have so many similarities that make them easy to identify and compare. In this theme, your child will spend time exploring bugs in nature, learning about the parts of a bug body, and having fun with all kinds of art, sensory, and science explorations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What age group is this curriculum for?

This is a Pre-K/Kindergarten curriculum, designed for all children up to age 7. The activities are child-led and open-ended, allowing for continued exploration and investigation that can be repeated year after year, making it a multi-year program.

What additional materials will I need for this curriculum?

For most of the activities in this curriculum, the materials you'll need can be found in your kitchen, basic art supply stash, and outdoors. There are very few activities with which you will need to plan in advance. 

There are book lists in each theme that are suggested readings that pair well with the activities. While you can find these at your library or on Amazon, they are not required to work through the program.

Can I get the entire program instead of individual themes?

Absolutely! By joining The Natural Learning Tribe, you get access to the complete curriculum plus an introduction, and tons of other amazing bonuses such as ecourses, ebooks, and access to a private support group. This also gives you lifetime access to the program and curriculum! 

Is there support that comes along with the curriculum?

With the individual themes, no. But, if you join The Natural Learning Tribe, you get access to our private online support community.

Can I test one of the themes and then join The Natural Learning Tribe?

Absolutely! By having the individual themes available for sale, it gives you a perfect opportunity to test it out with your children and then join the full program and group!

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