Leah's Two Week Plan

Two weeks' worth of simple activities you can do with your child to help anchor your connection.

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With this complete two-week plan you'll start & finish the most important types of activities needed to reset your learning routines. Just like learning, the connection can not be forced. It can be prioritized and each of these daily pages creates unique opportunities for your child to explore who they are becoming and strengthen their bond with you.

Consider it a break from the all-too-common reality where homeschooling is yet another "to-do" on mom's never-ending list of errands and tasks...without neglecting your child's learning & educational needs.

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  • (2) Two Weekly Prep & Materials List
  • (16) Sixteen Daily Pages with an intention, activity, and reflection section for you and your children.
  • Natural Child Development Stages Cheatsheet
  • Step-by-step instructions for creating a shared journal keepsake to tie it all together!

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Leah has done all the planning for you with this complete 2 week program. It has only the most important type of activities so you can reset your learning routine and start the year off fresh.

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Do one activity every day or every other day! You can do this instead of or in addition to your homeschooling or virtual learning routine

Reset Family Foundations

This program is crafted to foster self-reflection, connection, and cultivate meaningful moments.

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